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English as a Foreign Language for ages 3 months to 19 years

For people who love children and are passionate about the English language, teaching English to young learners is a natural path to follow. Since English IS the international language, it is always in demand and pretty much recession-proof as a career choice. Because it is now universally acknowledged that the younger a child learns additional languages, the better, opportunities for teaching English to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids abound. And to top it all off, once trained for the job, EFL teachers can work just about anywhere in the world, so those who love to travel and experience new cultures can easily find work around the globe.

Since 1987, Helen Doron English has run teacher training programmes to prepare qualified candidates for the enjoyment and rewards of teaching the Helen Doron English method. The training provides teachers with the educational tools to help them reach their potential as EFL educators. Courses are designed much like the Helen Doron English classes for children—they are fun and conducted in small groups with responsive, engaging trainers.

Helen Doron explains teacher selection and the exciting, yet intensive coursework.

Who Can Apply
Prospective teachers must have an excellent grasp of spoken English and enjoy working with children. Prior experience in childcare is a definite plus. A teaching certificate, a background in education or a language certification are also desired qualifications, but not a must.

About the Courses
Teacher Training Courses run 5 days and are available internationally. Training courses are conducted in two stages. The first stage is a two-day introduction and evaluation. Candidates are given a chance to take a close look at the materials and methodology, while the trainers can evaluate potential teachers for suitability. At the end of this stage, the teacher trainer decides if the candidate teacher is suitable to progress to the next stage of the course.

The second stage of training focuses on a comprehensive understanding of the methodology, familiarization with the learning sets and teacher guides, and hands-on practice lessons. Trainees who meet Helen Doron English standards in practical demonstrations, written assignments and overall approach, graduate to become certified Helen Doron English teachers. They now qualify to teach in any of the 32 countries where Helen Doron English Learning Centres are located. All Helen Doron English Teacher Training courses cover the same curriculum (exclusively in English), so you can train in Munich and teach in Shanghai —your qualification gives you the flexibility to relocate as you wish.

Our Teachers Say:

“I truly love my job at Helen Doron, and I feel I can be really creative and crazy with my students! I love thinking of new ideas for props and games, and that’s what Helen Doron is all about: making it fun and interesting for the kids, and making the most of our creative self.”

Paula Daunt  HDE Teacher – Berlin, Germany

In August 2004, my colleagues and I came prepared for five days of intensive training with Helen Doron Early English. We expected that the training would be fun and exciting, as we had to work with many new friends on a variety of creative prop assignments for the children….

What we didn’t come prepared for was the energy and vitality of our lovely trainer. As we sat together in class, all of us pretended we were little children while the demos were carried on one by one. Each day of training sped by when the room was filled with laughter and joy. And amidst all that play and fun, I was full of dreams and hopes and anything that I had ever wanted to do – to be – was possible because I was five all over again. Helen Doron was not just about learning English after all. In fact, I came to learn that Helen Doron was about an organizational culture, integrity and a value, the essence in which many teachers and trainers in many countries believed. So much that the reason so many students have successfully been able to learn English is because of the teachers who have the utmost faith and confidence that they can. I was aware that Helen Doron was an English language school for children, but what I wasn’t aware of at the time, was how different. By the end of the five days training, I realized that it is not just Helen’s approach of total immersion and daily repetition that helps the children to learn English as they learned their native languages, it is this faith and the active encouragement of the teachers and the parents that lie in the very central core of Helen Doron’s success. English is not forced or taught by rote, it is natural, fun and it is everywhere.”

Weerada P. Sucharitkul – HDE Teacher Bangkok, Thailand

Training courses are kept small, so that trainees get personal attention and practical experience.

Training and support doesn’t stop after the initial teacher training course. Periodic refresher courses are mandatory to make sure that all Helen Doron English teachers provide the same consistently high level of English education to their students, no matter where on the globe they are teaching.

If you speak English fluently and truly find satisfaction in educating children to realize their full potential, choosing to become a Helen Doron English teacher, may be the best career move you’ll ever make.

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