Cambridge English Exam Preparation

Prepare your children for Cambridge Exams the Helen Doron way!

Passing the Cambridge English Qualification Exams opens the door to many opportunities for your child. Our students’ English level already exceeds the level required for these exams, and these special courses better prepare them to take such tests and pass them successfully.

Taught with the Helen Doron method, our exam-prep courses are exciting and engaging, empowering children and enhancing their self-confidence and communication skills. The lessons are filled with fun activities and catchy songs, helping students expand their vocabulary, brush up on their grammar, and experience real exam questions and tasks.

Why should your child take the Cambridge English qualification exams?

The Helen Doron exam preparation courses are taught according to our unique and playful methodology. Our students consistently earn top scores on Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Most report that they felt stress-free and found the exam to be quite effortless.

With us, your child will breeze through their Cambridge Young Learners Exams with confidence.