SUCCESS! Classes Combine Acting, Singing and Dancing at Helen Doron

Karolína Vytykačová (Kaja) of Senec, Slovakia fell in love with the Helen Doron methodology in 2009 as a teacher, and enrolled her daughter, Jasminka, when she was only 6-months-old. Now at age 6, Jasminka loves English and feels completely at home at Helen Doron.

Kaja is a single mom and teaches 12 lessons a week, as well as translating the Helen Doron blogs, newsletters, posters and subtitles into the local Slovak language. A vocalist for Slovakian superstar Zdenka Predná and a singer in a rock band, Kaja reports that she loves the methodology as “it is completely different and has so much music and dance! I studied Slovak and English languages, music, and drama. I’m a singer and this is just perfect for me. I cannot imagine myself in the ‘normal’ state school sitting all day long, wearing formal dress and having 30 children in the classroom. NO WAY!”

After teaching with Helen Doron English for 8 years, Kaja encourages any parent who has never seen a lesson to come to the free demo lesson offered in all learning centres worldwide. “No words can describe what magic happens there. Even babies remember from the first time they come. That’s awesome. It’s completely different from our school system.”

How about someone considering becoming a Helen Doron teacher? “Go for it! If you love your free time, you like creative and fun work and don’t want to spend all day long teaching, try it. You can do it as a mother on maternity leave (you can even teach Baby’s Best Start with your baby instead of the doll). You don’t need to attend any aerobic lessons anymore, as this work gives you exercise!

I love my job and I would like to stay here as long as possible. I am one of those happy ones who found their mission here. It’s a great combination of drama, music and English for me. Best of all, I can spend more time with my daughter and give her a chance to learn good English in a fun and creative way!”

Kaja with Helen Doron

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