Moscow Loves Helen!

Recently, our very own Helen Doron was a guest speaker at the renowned EdCrunch Conference in Moscow, Russia. There she spoke on several panels and delivered a master class entitled, ‘Bilinguals: How to teach a child to speak several languages, easily and naturally.’

In what was hailed afterwards as one of the highlights of the conference, Helen invited child participants – each one prouder than the next to show off their Helen Doron franchise-gained English skills – to help her demonstrate how a Helen Doron English class looks. The message came through loud and clear: children learn best when the teaching methodology is fun, natural and stress-free. That means starting with a teacher who can embody a passion and love for teaching the material at hand, and who incorporates games, music and dance, so that learning becomes a seamless part of one’s life experience.

Helen’s brand has become extremely popular throughout Russia. In fact, according to Anna Tseluyko, Helen Doron Master Franchisee for Krasnodar, Russia, Helen’s talks were among the most popular at the conference:

“The halls where they were held were overcrowded, with people standing at the back and sitting on the floor, as there was not enough room to accommodate everyone. Afterwards, Helen was mobbed by extremely excited people who wanted to meet and take a photo with her – even citizens from small towns in Russia that don’t even have any Helen Doron schools.”

As a panellist for the ‘Phygital Generation,’ Helen shared her thoughts on how to touch the minds and hearts of Generation Z members, while in the ‘More is Better, or is it? How and why to teach a child several languages?’ panel, she brought forth the incontrovertible evidence that the existence of 6,000 languages in a world that boasts only 200 countries means that most people in the world are multilingual!

“Once we see that and can put the myths out of the way, we can start to talk about language education,” said Helen to the hall’s attentive listeners.

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