Children from around the globe join together to say “Hello My World!”

They come from different continents and countries representing different cultures and traditions, yet these children have found something they all have in common: each of them learns English and that provides them with opportunities to be active and help others. The “Hello My World!” campaign is a unique children’s initiative to rescue the orangutan, an endangered animal species.

“Hello My World!” is an international social and educational campaign initiated by the Helen Doron Educational Group to mark the 30th anniversary of Helen Doron English. “Through this campaign we wish to teach children worldwide about the importance of cooperation and compassion for the world we share”, remarks Helen Doron, the founder of Helen Doron English and the creator of a breakthrough method of teaching English to children and teens.


United for an important cause

The campaign focuses on rescuing the orangutan, one of the most intelligent creatures in the animal world. They are rapidly losing their natural habitat due to massive clearance of thousands of hectares of tropical rainforests every year. Industrial planting of palm trees for palm oil manufacturing purposes is a significant and immediate threat to the orangutan species. By joining the “Hello My World!” initiative, children will support the protection, conservation, and understanding about orangutans and their natural habitat while caring for orphaned orangutans and helping them make the transition back into the rainforest.

English language and citizens of the world

How does English play a role in this campaign? Doron explains, “By encouraging children to learn English we provide them with a tool which allows them to communicate with each other and establish new relationships. This shared language is of tremendous value as it unifies our voice and together, we can spread awareness to the plight of the orangutan. “

The knowledge of English is a must in today’s globalised world. The borders of a child’s playground are no longer limited by a fence but extend to include the internet and the global community.

Most children today are familiar with and comfortable communicating with others via YouTube video clips, chats, photos and posts on social media. These are not technological novelties but an everyday tool for communication which, just like a language, help them to connect with others, create something new or even make a better world. The internet is a logical and effective medium to promote and run the “Hello My World!” campaign.

Helping others

“Teaching children to become citizens of the world and emphasizing the values of compassion and sharing are an important part of our educational mission,” Doron says. “The Helen Doron Educational Group has and continues to support many local and global environmental organizations over the past 30 years. We believe the time has come to share this initiative with our students, and children worldwide and invite them to become the campaign’s ambassadors.”

Over 120,000 Helen Doron English students in over 800 locations around the globe will be taught a dedicated English lesson about the plight of the orangutan. In this specially developed lesson, children will learn how and why animals lose their natural habitats and how the planting of the palm trees used for manufacturing palm oil, can lead to the extinction of numerous species of animals. The lesson is age appropriate and includes an original song and engaging activities. The children will then film short, individual video clips to say “Hello My World!” and show their support for the orangutan. “We have decided to make this lesson available to the general public for use by teachers and parents everywhere,” explains Simon Darr, CMO of the Helen Doron Educational Group. “We invite all children and parents worldwide to take part in this important cause”, continues Darr.

Clips can be viewed at where parents and children are invited to vote for their favourite clips, then “Like” and “Share” via social media. Join us and create your own short video clip to help raise awareness for the orangutan and take part in this very important worldwide campaign. Together we can make a difference!

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